Disclosure forms


All sellers of real estate must complete a property disclosure form at the time of listing. These forms are generally not specific by nature and the true condition of the property cannot be fully assed by these forms alone.


A pre listing inspection is the ultimate disclosure and will show potential buyers your commitment to marketing a quality product. The peace of mind is invaluable knowing your home is now considered among the most desirable property in your neighborhood.


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Home maintenance Inspections-  Have us inspect your home yearly to help keep your home in immaculate condition. Exterior maintenance of your home is key to enjoying many trouble free years of home ownership and Price Home Inspections can help make that happen.

Individual Inspections (foundations, roof, etc)

A home is a collection of many systems working together to provide shelter and ease of life for all of its intended occupants.  Life expectancies of your homes's individual systems vary greatly and need to be maintained accordingly.  We can provide inspections tailored to your particular property addressing any questions you may have about your property.


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