Why should I get a home inspection?


1. Purchasing a home requires substantial financial and emotional investment. During the buying process you will be faced with many decisions that will affect the course to home ownership.

2. By electing to have an inspection performed you are also removing all doubt about the physical condition of your home. Expert, unbiased eyes will inspect your home using nationally accepted standards and procedures.


What should I expect during an inspection?


A complete evaluation of readily accessible systems and components of the home. Any observable deficiencies and expected long term maintenance will be documented in an industry leading report that is given to you immediately after the inspection is finished.

Examples of areas to be inspected include, but are not limited to:


- Grounds - Kitchen
- Plumbing - Roof
- Interior - Electrical
- Exterior - Bathroom
- Heating - Attic
- Garage - Hot water tank
- Foundation - Insulation/Ventilation
- Heating/Cooling  


Within the above areas mentioned are hundreds of possible defects which can only be discovered by a professional home inspector.



What should NOT be expected during an inspection?


Visual examination of areas or items not fully visible include, but are not limited to:

Behind wall finishes Under carpeting and other floor finishes

Behind or under furniture, movable or not Items hidden in or under insulation

Sealed or non accessible mechanical systems Underground piping and storage tanks

All other areas as defined in the Industry Standard Home Inspection Agreement


Benefits of a comprehensie home inspection by PHI


1. An industry leading report emailed to you within an 8-hr period of completion of the inspection. Onsight report delivery used to be our standard but we found it did not allow us to compile an accurate report of the home and its installed systems. You will now receive a more accurate report within an acceptable time frame.

2. Superior customer service. From the initial consultation through to the delivery of the report, customer satisfaction is our primary objective

3. Scheduling to fit your needs. We schedule PHI 7 days a week with 3 times available each day

4. Free, ongoing support. We offer telephone or on site meetings to discuss any questions you may have regarding home maintenance or repair.