Rainwater / Landscape solutions


Storm water management is crucial to the long term structural integrity of any residential or commercial building. Rainwater not diverted safely away from a structure can have both short and long term consequences that usually result in very costly repair bills.

Problems associated with improper drainage include excessive moisture in basements and crawlspaces, structural damage to masonry or poured concrete walls, piers and footers and conditions conducive to mold growth and insect infestation.

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amherst- ohio  home inspector in amherst ohio home inspectorSpecializing in water diversion and rainwater removal systems, we will employ various methods of remediation including but not limited to the following: Grassy swale, Natural Stone Dry Creek Bed, Rain Barrels or fully automated Rain Collection Systems.

Finishing touches include a full service landscape design and build team which will provide a landscape that will make your home the most desirable on the block. 


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